Leasing a horse is a lot like owning a horse: you can ride, groom, and care for your horse at your discretion, but you are not purchasing the horse permanently. Varying degrees of care are available, from full to partial care. This option is ideal for:

– Families thinking about buying a horse

– People who are unsure of what type of horse is their “match”

– Riders who wish to select a more challenging horse as their skill level increases

Click here to see our horses for lease. For more information about leasing, contact Mary Ann at 610-972-7079.


Em and Destyny 2 tired galsAdopting a horse is more flexible and less demanding than leasing a horse. In our version of an “adoption,” riding students may spend extra time with their lesson horse. During this time, students will receive ground-based horsemanship lessons (two per month) and hang-out with their horse on a different level. No riding is permitted with adoptions. Students may use this time to hand-graze their horse, take him for a walk, groom him, or exercise him with some ground-work.