Lessons from the Horses: Why Riding Lessons?

image6561In thinking about all of the possible activities to get your child involved in, let’s take time to discover the world of horseback riding. Is it a good choice for your child? What skills are to be gained?

It usually starts with a love of horses and grows from there. A child whose face lights up and who bubbles with glee upon seeing a horse, one who simply cannot hear enough stories that include horses, one who may be timid around horses but never says “no” to an opportunity to visit with a horse. Here is where the attraction starts and for many it becomes a life long passion. For some it becomes a haven, a very special, safe place to share a bond and pleasant pastimes with an equine friend. Others consider riding a very competitive sport and enjoy the rush of the show ring.

Regardless of your aims as a rider, we can all learn from horses. Horses along with a good instructor can help to bring us along in our understanding of the equine way of looking at the world. At the same time, riding lessons develop our athletic ability, confidence, communication skills, sense of fairness, sportsmanship, and responsibility as a caretaker.

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